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Explore the Many Ways to Use Josh.ai in Your Home 

In a previous blog, we discussed why Josh.ai reigns supreme in the smart home world compared to devices like Alexa. It boasts more natural language comprehension, greater contextual awareness, and a deep commitment to user privacy. If you’re looking for a more professional approach to voice control, Josh.ai is the answer.

Now that we’ve highlighted the benefits, we wanted to explore what it means to have Josh in your home—from the diverse control options to advanced features like Josh GPT. 

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The Josh.ai Ecosystem 

Josh.ai doesn’t rely on typical smart speakers. Instead, it embraces a sleeker approach. Josh.ai installations typically include a Josh Core that serves as the brain of the system and either Josh Micros or Nanos mounted on the wall. These wall-mounted microphones and sensors receive your command and send it to the Core to process and execute. 

Their main difference is in size. The Micro is about the size of the palm of your hand, and the Nano is the size of a quarter. The Micro has more color options, while the Nano is black and white. Both are flush-mounted and ideal for even the most minimalist homes. 

Intuitive Control Options 

The Josh app allows you to speak directly into your phone to control your technology, whether you’re at home or away. It also makes it easy to toggle between different properties within the same app. The app, though, is more than a mobile voice assistant. 

You can create custom scenes you activate via schedules, sensors, or user location. For example, as you approach your home, program Josh to turn on your landscape lighting, unlock the front door, and adjust the thermostat. 

Are you not in the mood to talk? The app also has a unique user interface that lets you manage lights, shades, music, and climate. With just one button press, pull up surveillance footage or trigger custom scenes. 

If you already have a Control4 automation system in place, you can also access all these features directly from the Control4 app without having to toggle between platforms. 

Josh.ai, at Your Assistance 

The new Josh.GPT feature provides a supercharged personal assistant for your home. Josh does more than respond to your commands; it helps to answer questions and provides valuable tips at your request. 

Say you’re getting ready to cook dinner for the family. You’ve already asked Josh to activate a cooking scene that turns on task lighting, lowers the thermostat, and puts on a playlist. How else can it help? Ask it for recipe recommendations based on the ingredients you have in the fridge. During your meal prep, you feel energized when a song from Depeche Mode comes on. Pull up JoshGPT to see if they have new music you could add to your playlist. 

To unlock Josh.ai’s full potential in your home, reach out now! Call or fill out our contact form for expert assistance tailored to your needs.