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Bringing Entertainment to Life With Whole-Home Audio and Media Rooms

What is your favorite audio, and how do you listen to it? While a seemingly easy answer, it’s a question that stumps many people. Music is often their first choice in Austin, TX, but what about their daily wellness podcast, the morning news, and favorite TV series? And the various sources may include Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, smartphones, computers, and TVs. 

When we look at how we enjoy our favorite audio, we realize it’s a somewhat disjointed affair. A whole-home audio system and the multipurpose media room changes that. Let’s explore how these systems transform how we enjoy our media, from music to movies and soundtracks. 

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A Whole-Home Audio System Defined

As the name implies, a whole-home audio system sends high-fidelity music throughout your home. All your audio components, from receivers to turntables and digital collections, are placed in a media rack in a closet. From there, we distribute audio signals to speakers throughout your home. Popular streaming services are built right into the system.

At Stellar, we partner with Paradigm for their unparalleled audio performance, design, and engineering. Their architectural series includes in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, making them ideal for a whole-home audio solution. 

Depending on your property and vision, we may also integrate their diverse high-performance loudspeakers and subwoofer lines or their Cinema series. This speaker series delivers the power of cinema-quality sound via small satellites and subwoofers, making it the perfect solution for integrating whole-home audio into multipurpose media rooms. 

One of the innovative technologies they’re known for is the Anthem Room Correction. This high-tech software uses advanced algorithms to eliminate the negative effects of any obstacles in the room. Through strategic installation and calibration, you enjoy a lifelike musical experience and the stunning special effects that bring movies to life.

Creating a Space for Entertainment

Now that you have an incredible audio system, let’s create a unique space to enjoy it. Today’s multipurpose media room has become the go-to for the ultimate entertainment. It’s a space to gather with friends for the big game, take the kids on in a video game, and create special movie nights delivered through stunning displays and your immersive whole-home audio system. 

Whether hosting elaborate dinner parties or having a few friends over for a poolside hangout, it’s the space you often end up in, with incredible music as the backdrop. 

Managing Your Whole-Home Audio

You effortlessly control these systems via a high-resolution touchscreen, remote, or smartphone. Enjoy high-fidelity music throughout your home or in one room at the touch of a button. Thanks to zoning, everyone can enjoy their favorite music and audio simultaneously. 

Heading to the media room for movie night? Press a button, and surround sound fills the air; your display emerges from behind a painting, the lights dim, and the show begins!

At Stellar, our skilled craftspeople, audio-video experts, and automation integrators work together to create customized home entertainment systems that captivate you. With second-to-none customer service, we support you now and far into the future as technology and your needs change. To learn more about whole-home audio and media rooms or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Stellar today.