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A Home Automation Company Transforms Smart Devices into Smart Home Living

Did you know that, on average, a person in America uses about nine apps daily? Of course, for some, that number is astronomically higher. If you’ve embraced smart home living, you may have an app for your lighting, one for your shades, and another for your smart video doorbell. 

That experience, however, is a far cry from a genuine smart home in Dallas, TX. As a home automation company, Stellar creates a seamless experience in which all connected devices and systems are integrated and managed from one centralized hub. Then, we program your smart home to perform everyday tasks and prepare itself for you in advance. 

From the moment you wake until you retire, your home creates the perfect lighting and climate, entertains you with the right music in the right room, and sets the stage when it’s time to relax and watch a movie or immerse yourself in a heated spa, surrounded by high-fidelity music. It keeps you secure by locking doors, setting alarms, and letting you know when someone arrives at your home.

Are you ready to experience smart home living at its finest? Let’s explore the full potential of an integrated smart home. 

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How We Integrate a Smart Home

At Stellar, we partner with the industry leaders in smart home technology and entertainment. In home automation, those brands include Control4 and Savant, incomparable leaders in their field and compatible with tens of thousands of third-party devices. These partnerships enable us to select the ideal platform based on your needs and property.

Not only do your smart devices connect to the centralized platform, but they also communicate with each other, enabling them to do so much more. And they’re all effortlessly managed from a touchscreen, keypad, remote, or voice command.

How you relax, work, listen to music, entertain, cook, and exercise are transformed and made better by smart home automation.

Life in a Smart Home

What does this integration mean to your everyday life? Instead of pressing separate buttons to adjust the thermostat, open the shades, stream your favorite playlist, and turn the bathroom and kitchen lights to the same color as the rising sun, your smart home does it for you. 

It can be programmed to perform these tasks automatically every morning or initiated when you press the ‘Good Morning’ button. And so it goes throughout the day, reacting to the time of day, your location, the touch of a button, or voice command.

Life on the Road

Remote access enables you to keep tabs on the status of your smart home and make adjustments no matter where you are. Did an unexpected meeting keep you late at work? Before you leave, you can adjust the temperature, preheat the smart oven, and turn on the landscape lights. 

At Stellar, our highly skilled professionals create tailored smart homes designed for how you live. The result is extreme convenience and enjoyment, ensuring every device performs the way you want it to when you want it to, with second-to-none customer service supporting you now and long into the future. To learn more about working with our home automation company or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Stellar today.