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Explore the Top Equipment for Collaboration

While the extent to which the office landscape has changed varies, it’s clear that the traditional model has been challenged. From lessons learned during the pandemic to employee preferences and reduced costs, corporate America realized there was a way to offer a better work-life balance for their employees while maintaining or enhancing productivity.

The key to this realization was innovative conference room technology. AV manufacturers got busy as businesses looked to provide their staff with the tools they needed to continue working despite social distancing. Today, your employees and clients can benefit from a near in-person experience no matter where they are in the world. 

This high-level engagement ensures collaboration and clear communication, and the professional aesthetics that clients appreciate and remember. Let’s explore the technology that’s making the biggest difference in today’s conference room in Dallas, TX.

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Conference Room Equipment

The essential conference room equipment required today is geared to ensure seamless meetings between in-house and remote workers. Collaboration equity is a relatively new term that describes the ability of team members to work together and contribute equally, no matter their location. To do this, they need enhanced video, clear audio, and shared collaboration tools. 

  1. Visual Proximity

Today’s standard is the 4K UHD display. These displays offer crystal-clear images and, when integrating a large one or two side-by-side, provide a space to see remote attendees and presentations. The other ingredient to enhanced remote viewing is the smart camera. 

Cameras were at one time static, fixed in one position. Today’s smart cameras deliver high-resolution video while tracking the speaker’s movement, ensuring they’re always in focus. Remote participants can see every gesture and expression, which are critical visual cues. These intelligent cameras also adapt, adjusting as a person enters or leaves the room to ensure a balanced view of all attendees and framing those present. With a 150-plus field of view, they can effortlessly focus on the entire room.

  1. Audio Clarity

High-fidelity audio comes in the form of 360-degree microphone arrays with beamforming technology. These microphones support smart cameras, detecting sound and directing the camera. They also provide active noise cancellation, allowing everyone to hear the speaker. Additionally, in-ceiling loudspeakers provide detailed, clear audio, ensuring everyone hears.

  1. Effortless Startup

Touch controllers offer a seamless approach to starting meetings. With one touch, the AV equipment turns on, and the remote attendees tune in. When smart devices, such as shades and lighting, are integrated, the entire room adjusts to meet the demands of the occasion.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

Unlike analog whiteboards, digital whiteboards provide an interactive canvas. Remote and in-person participants can write, draw, and share ideas. 

Replacing Legacy Conference Room Systems

Innovative companies are expanding at a rapid pace and using engaging conference room technology to do it. Whether entering the global market, creating a professional appearance, or enhancing remote employee correspondence, today’s technology has the answer. 

At Stellar, we’ve been helping businesses benefit from the latest technology since 2000. Our AV experts and designers create custom conference rooms designed for your space and needs that are easy to use and provide the best experience possible. To learn more about the latest conference room technology or to schedule a free consultation, contact Stellar today.