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Comparing the Professional vs. DIY Approach 

While Alexa was a groundbreaking technology when it first emerged in 2014, it’s no longer the smartest, most sophisticated home voice controller on the market—that would be Josh.ai. 

Josh.ai is engineered specifically for home automation. It doesn’t just tell you the weather or play songs (although it can do that, too.) Josh allows you to intelligently control lighting, security, entertainment, and more with complex voice requests. 

Josh.ai is still a new name to most homeowners. And unlike Alexa, it can’t be ordered online and installed in a few minutes. You need to work with a certified Josh.ai dealer to bring Josh to your Dallas, TX, home. 

In this blog, we’ll compare professional (Josh.ai) and DIY (Alexa) home voice control options to choose between the two. 

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The Professional Approach: Josh.ai

Tired of hearing Alexa say, “Sorry, I didn’t get that?” Josh is renowned for its natural language comprehension. Unlike other assistants, you don’t have to use a wake word for every command with Josh. Say, “Hey Josh, dim the lights and turn on Netflix,” and it does both with ease.  

Additionally, Josh.ai is programmed to be spatially aware and understand context. For example, if you ask Josh.ai to play music in the living room, it knows exactly which speakers to activate.

Another key advantage of Josh.ai is its commitment to privacy. Unlike other voice control systems, Josh.ai doesn’t share your data. Your personal information stays securely on the Josh Core server in your house, and all Josh devices include a switch to turn off microphones. 

The DIY Approach: Alexa

Alexa by Amazon is a popular choice for do-it-yourself solutions. Alexa offers a user-friendly setup and a wide range of compatible smart devices, making it accessible to anyone. Alexa also seamlessly integrates other Amazon services, such as Prime Music and Amazon Echo. 

Battle of the Voice Assistants: Josh.ai vs. Alexa

Now, let’s compare Josh.ai and Alexa’s key features side by side.


In terms of privacy, Josh.ai takes the lead with its commitment to keeping your data secure. With Josh.ai, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information remains confidential. On the other hand, Alexa may collect and use your data. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing ads for topics you discuss at home. 

Language Comprehension 

As for language comprehension, Josh.ai takes the cake again. Speaking to Josh is much more natural and ‘human,’ whereas Alexa requires you to project and speak uniformly. 

For example, if you tell Josh it’s too cold, it knows to adjust the room’s AC. On the other hand, Alexa requires you to say the specific thermostat and exact temperature. 

Smart Home Integration 

Josh.ai and Alexa were once somewhat equal when it came to smart home integration. That is until Josh unveiled the Josh One system. Josh One is a home control platform that simplifies interactions between home devices. Josh One automatically recognizes supported devices on your home network and generates a floor plan on the Josh App. 

From there, you can control your entire smart home through the Josh One system. Still, both Alexa and Josh.ai are compatible with control systems like Control4, Savant, and Elan. 

Which Is Right for You? 

Ultimately, the decision between Josh.ai and Alexa depends on your specific preferences. If you value privacy, advanced features, and a seamless experience, Josh.ai may be the perfect choice. If you prefer affordability, flexibility, and a user-friendly setup, Alexa can fulfill your needs.

If you’re ready for home voice control in the Dallas, TX, area, contact Stellar to get started today.