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Keep Your Smart Home in Tip-Top Shape with Remote Support 

Smart home technology becomes more integral to our lifestyles every day. If installed correctly, it helps us streamline our routines, relax after a long day, and reduce energy bills. But even the best technology needs regular upkeep to perform at its best, which is why our team offers remote monitoring systems to guarantee all components are operating as intended.

These systems let us oversee all your network-connected devices and take the necessary steps to keep them running smoothly. So, what does that mean for your Dallas, TX, smart home? Below, we highlight the top features and benefits of remote monitoring and discuss our service plan offerings.

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How Remote Monitoring Systems Work 

During your smart home installation, we incorporate hardware that lets us monitor all the devices connected to your network. Our expert technicians get access to a dashboard to see if any devices are offline or if any have an update available. Then, remotely, they can troubleshoot and restart devices with issues. They’ll also put through software updates to offer you the latest functionalities and introduce vital security patches. Our team receives alerts when a device goes offline, so they know to address the issue immediately. 

What Is Monitored and What Isn’t

Remote monitoring focuses on the operational aspects of a smart home, primarily when it comes to: 

  • Network status and connectivity issues
  • Functional performance of all connected devices
  • Timely software updates for each component

However, it does not monitor:

  • Personal data or user-specific interactions with devices
  • Security footage recorded by your cameras 
  • Signal/output quality of any AV devices 

What Are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring Systems?

We offer this service to keep our clients’ smart homes running smoothly. By proactively monitoring and resolving issues, we’re able to provide the following benefits: 

  • Limited Downtime: Issues are identified and often resolved before you notice them. 
  • Optimal Performance: Regular updates keep your devices running on the latest software.
  • Quick Response Times: We’ll troubleshoot any issues you have ASAP rather than waiting for a service call for help. 
  • Efficient Service Calls: If an on-site visit is needed, our remote monitoring system can sometimes help us isolate the problem and come prepared with a solution rather than spending valuable time and money diagnosing the issue. 

Stellar’s Service Plans

Customer service is a top priority for our company, and tailored service plans are a big part of that. These plans provide various levels of support to help you find one that best suits your smart home technology needs. Each plan provides proactive monitoring, routine maintenance, and immediate support for issues. If you want to compare our plans, check out our service page for information on what each plan includes. 

Want to avoid downtime and ensure your smart home always performs at its best? Call or fill out our contact form for expert assistance and proactive support tailored to your needs.