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Builders Turn to Stellar and DMF Lighting for Today’s Lighting Design

More homeowners than ever believe quality lighting is essential to their home design, and, for many, it’s one of the most important elements. They want lighting that enhances wellness and a quiet ceiling with lighting fixtures that leave a minimal footprint. 

It’s becoming evident that high-end lighting is no longer an option but a necessity, and one that builders are integrating into their project’s early stages. This type of lighting is also part of a home automation system, creating effortless control.

At Stellar, we partner with builders and DMF Lighting to create exceptional high-performance lighting that marks all the checkboxes today’s home buyers are looking for. Let’s explore what this LED downlighting manufacturer offers and how it ensures your clients’ expectations are exceeded.

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Why DMF Lighting?

DMF manufactures modular LED downlighting systems of the highest quality and performance. Their R&D lab continues to make improvements with the goal of creating beautiful spaces that enhance everyday living and are easy to use. DMF fixtures are also reliable, with a 99.4% success rate.

Some of their lines, such as the DID Series, are exclusively available through integration dealers like Stellar. This series allows for complete customization and seamlessly integrates into lighting control systems. For existing homes, you can retrofit DMF downlights into the existing fixtures. Either approach adds significant value to your project, particularly for clients looking for customized automation.

The Quiet Ceiling

A quiet ceiling is one of the latest trends in lighting design. It’s created by discreet, small aperture recessed LED downlights. With minimal presence, they appear to recede into the ceiling, adding to instead of taking away from the overall room’s design.

In April 2024, DMF expanded their 2-inch X modular downlight series, enhanced with Cross Beam TIR Optics to reduce glare and maximize light output. The patent-pending Precision Lock Collar also eliminates common issues with small apertures, such as over-cutting and drywall repair. 

They also came out with Artafex, a new 2-inch small aperture series delivering 1250 lumens with True Spectrum™ color rendering. These downlights are designed to disappear, creating a modern, quiet ceiling throughout the home. They are also compatible with every major lighting control system.

Warm Dim

DMF’s warm dim technology transitions from a bright 3000K to a warm and relaxing 1800K while maintaining a consistent 93+CRI. Homeowners enjoy vibrant, full-spectrum lighting and the ability to dim the lighting to a warm, inviting atmosphere that offers comfort and relaxation.

When to Start

Integrating DMF lighting and a whole-home lighting control system is best achieved during the design phase for the purposes of saving time and money. Pre-wiring is built into the home’s infrastructure, and the fixtures and control locations are built into the comprehensive design.

Working with StellarAt Stellar, our expert integrators design, install, and program lighting systems to deliver exquisite beauty and one-touch control throughout your client’s home. We work with your design and architect team to ensure enhanced aesthetics as well as functionality. The result is stunning illumination that’s effortlessly managed. To learn more about DMF Lighting and working with Stellar or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Stellar today.